Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rap Video's......don't get me started

Relaxing on the couch one day, enjoying a cold beer, my channel surfing escapades brought me to MTV where something that someone actually deemed to be music danced before me on the screen. Mike Jones, a hardcore rapper was uttering some sort of nonsense that I could not even translate into english. The beat was horrible, the lyrics were even worse, and to top it off, he was Swerving down the road in a croamed out ride that his mediocre record sales actually paid for-or leased. Gold teeth, phat rides, annoying beats, fake women, the gangsta does this crap make it to television. Tupac is probably turning in his grave. Somewhere along the lines, actual talent was brushed aside for mainstream, ghetto blasting crap. Does anyone feel me on this one?

Real World- or something even close?

Amidst the reality craze, the Real World is about as far from anything real I have ever seen. Who, at any point in their life, lives with a bunch of random strangers in a house that is only affordable to the extremely affluent. While it may offer viewers a chance to see what happens when a diverse group of individuals are chosen to live under the same roof, to a much greater extent, the Real World simply shows the adolescent world that drinking, hooking up with random strangers, getting in fights, cheating, and getting arrested is fine--cause it works on MTV.

I want a famous face

I want a famous face is a show that provides MTV viewers with real life examples of mixed up individuals that aspire to look like their favorite celebrity. Although I find it almost painful to watch such rediculously stupid individuals go through with something like that, I also realize at the same time that some MTV viewers will in fact take what they are viewing literally. This turns the program into a promotional piece for plastic surgurey. The fact that prime-time television is taken up with such garbage is just disturbing.

MTV's Content is horrible

MTV sucks, because the quality of MTV's programming has a detrimental impact on today's youth. Shows such as I want a famous face, real world, viva la bam, and many others send extremely mixed messages to today's youth, and provide a very false sense of reality that over and over again becomes an object of immitation for today's youth.

While they are simply just annoying to listen to, the rap videos that are continually forced down our throats provide images of fake women, expensive cars, gold teeth, and almost every other possible stereotype you can think of that are in all reality, not even a close semblance to what these rappers experience on a daily basis. I will provide specific details regarding MTV's content below